Lisa Ann’s rules for dating athletes

Lisa Ann's social life comes with its own playbook.

Lisa Ann’s lifestyle can lead to its share of complications. Thus, she has strict guidelines for dating athletes. Here are her six rules, as told to our Flinder Boyd. Read Flinder’s profile of Lisa Ann here.

No. 1: Don’t hook up with married men

"Sometimes guys lie to me and I’ll get pissed," she says. "This is a rule I don’t break."

No. 2: Players must be over 18

But only just. Last October she took 19-year-old Notre Dame receiver Justin Brent to a Knicks game before taking him home. Deadspin then posted a picture of them (from an unknown source) cuddling in a bed. Twitter went nuts, some openly wondering why she was "preying" on college students. ESPN’s Darren Rovell posted Notre Dame’s code of Sexual Conduct on Twitter. She responded in a succession of tweets: "42 is not old. It’s amazing!" she wrote. "The irony is successful older men have had beautiful young women on their arms in the past. … Now it’s my turn to mix it up!"

No. 3: Only hook up with one player on a team at any one time

With trades or desires, the rules can bend. "Two years ago after a trade three of my guys were all on Orlando. I went to Toronto to see them play, and as I walked on the court another of my guys from Toronto saw me and stepped in front of the three guys. He didn’t see them at first, then he looked around and everyone just shrugged and started laughing. He told me I’m like ‘a rite of passage into the League.’"


No. 4: Don’t ask me to hook you up with other girls

Last year she tweeted that "the most annoying texter in the history of my life" was Michael Del Zotto, a former New York Rangers defenseman, who after a brief liaison would text her incessantly asking her to introduce him to other women. "I’m not a dating service," she said.

No. 5: It’s like Fight Club, never reveal names

"It’s a secret society. I never blast anyone’s name out there … except Del Zotto."

No. 6: Study me

This is less a rule than a preference. She says: "I know immediately when a guy has been watching me on film. He knows before I’ve even been with him what I like and what moves to do."

Flinder Boyd is a former European professional basketball player turned writer. On Twitter he can be found @FlinderBoyd.