See lingerie football coach’s epic rant

Know two things about this video before you press play. First, it features some strong language (most of it bleeped) and may not be suitable for work. Second, it’s incredible:

That’s Chris Michaelson. Head football coach of the Seattle Mist. Who are the Seattle Mist? They’re a female football team. And they wear lingerie when they play.

Yes, it’s the Legends Football League — formerly the Lingerie Football League — that is the source of this classic moment in coaching rage. With all due respect to Mike Gundy, Jim Mora, Herm Edwards, Denny Green and every other legendary football rant, this one takes the cake — provided, of course, that it’s real.

If that’s staged, consider us impressed that everyone kept a straight face. If it’s real … wow. We have reached out to the team seeking confirmation.

So what’s got a lingerie football coach so riled up? This tirade, TMZ tells us, came at halftime of the team’s game last week against the Green Bay Chill — after a defensive breakdown of some sort, the highlight of which is apparently part of the video. This was the team’s first game of the season, in which you usually expect a defensive breakdown or two.

Best part? The rant worked! The Mist won 55-36 after leading 20-18 at halftime. TMZ reported that the LFL is investigating Michaelson’s outburst.

So many questions. Is the LFL just trying to get some free publicity? Or is Michaelson really that passionate? And will this distract the team as it prepares for its May 4 showdown with the three-time defending champion Los Angeles Temptation? We will endeavor to ask the Mist all this and more if they get back to us.

And this just in, we found the lost ending of this locker room scene: