LeBron James, Dwyane Wade say no bullying with Heat

MIAMI — LeBron James could not relate to the idea of a player being bullied by a teammate.

“For us, we’re a close group, I couldn’t imagine that happening,” James said of the Heat on Sunday night. “We joke and laugh. We get on each other and we’re like brothers around here, but it never gets beyond what it’s supposed to be.”

Miami Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin has alleged misconduct by his teammates. FOX’s Alex Marvez reported Martin left Dolphins headquarters Monday after persistent bullying and teasing from some teammates.

Following the Heat’s 103-93 victory against Washington, James and Dwyane Wade were asked about players being bullied or abused by other players.

“As teammates, we spend a lot of time together,” Wade said. “We’re on each other a lot in this locker room, and if we felt someone didn’t like it or couldn’t handle it, we’d have to back off.

“In here, we’re all about having fun. We want everyone to feel comfortable. We like to say everyone is fair game here. But, yeah, it happens, and I think it’s also a lesson also for kids, it’s not just when you’re young. It happens when you’re older, as well.”

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