Lance Armstrong returns to cycling … sort of

A dirtied Armstrong fixes a flat tire. But will he fix his dirtied image? 


Lance Armstrong made his first spin on the Tour de Image Rehab by filming this bizarrely folksy, low-key instructional video on how to fix a flat tire. 

"Cycling’s most infamous rider has been looking for work lately," explained. "We caught up with him at his latest bike-shop gig to hear a few pointers about what to do when you break down."

A bedraggled-looking Armstrong got down and dirty to play a humble employee of The Broken Spoke bike shop, wearing a paint-splattered cycling cap and pants. And his dialogue also showed the disgraced cyclist wasn’t afraid to poke fun at his dirtied-up image as well. 

Like when he cheerfully introduces himself as "7-time winner of the Tour de France," while placed a pointed asterisk next to the title.

"Hey, I didn’t write the script," Armstrong shrugged.

The infamous athlete, who is banned from any cycling competition, then proceeded to humbly go through the many steps on how to get back on the road after you’ve suffered a hit. "Still pretty good for a guy who just learned how to do this," he remarked.

Does this video help repair Armstrong’s sullied image, or does it fall flat like a punctured tire? You be the judge: