Ken Smith provides our ‘Comment of the Day’

Today our “Comment of the Day” comes from an Ohio State fan who is impressed with what the Buckeyes have been able to do on the field even as it has been regularly questioned by those off it.

On one of our BCS standings updates,
Ken Smith writes

Right now I do not know of any other Team in the nation that has a more explosive offense then Ohio State. Their offensive line has to be the best! Their other offensive weapons are playing so well. State’s only weakness maybe their defense but it is improving as well. If we need to go to a lesser bowl we need to go to such a game and really prove how great we really are. This is a magical year for we Buckeye’s fan! Remember I watch State from afar, in Colorado. I am, obviously an avid Broncos fan, too. I am having a wonderful year.

It seems as though Ken has not let the concerns about being left out of the BCS bother him as he watches the Buckeyes.

Let us know if you feel the same way or if worrying about the end of the season has marred the year so far.