Just win, baby?

By Marcus Hartman
FOX Sports Ohio/Buckeye Sports
October 7th, 2010

As was inevitable, Ohio State played a football game last week in which it did not look great but won anyway.

Why is it we who follow college football are not better at taking these conclusions with a grain of salt?

Every year every team with national championship aspirations goes through something similar, usually more than once a season.

Humans – particularly those in the 18-22 age group – are going to have their ups and downs emotionally, and as such there are going to be days a team is just off its game.

Everyone knows this, yet that does not stop the frantic phone calls to local radio shows, grousing at the coffee shop or message board meltdowns.

We even had someone wander into our office earlier this week who observed he is not looking forward to the rest of the second-ranked Buckeyes’ season because based on the way they are playing, it won’t be pretty.

Part of me wonders if that person was booking flights to Glendale, Ariz., for the BCS National Championship game some time before midnight Sept. 11 after the Buckeyes were finished beating Miami (Fla.), but I suppose that