J.R.: Ownership buzz ‘way out of proportion’

Nearly 12 years after he left Phoenix via free agency, former Coyote Jeremy Roenick still captures the Valley’s attention whenever he speaks.

On the eve of his induction into the team’s Ring of Honor on Saturday when the Coyotes host the Blackhawks, Roenick created waves when he told a pair of Valley media outlets that he is part of a group interested in buying the Coyotes.

“I have been involved with a group that is trying to get into the game. I do have people in New York, friends of mine, that are ready and willing,” he told Valley radio station The Fan AM 1060. “We’ll see what happens. But the team is very, very interesting. If you can somehow get a hold of the building along with the team, then it becomes a different scenario.”

The thought of the most popular player in franchise history player being involved in efforts to keep the team here set the Valley abuzz, even if Roenick would only be a very minor financial player in the sale.

But Roenick put the brakes on any further discussion when I reached him Friday afternoon.

“I think everyone is blowing this way out of proportion,” he said, declining to provide specifics about the aforementioned group. “I have a group that wants to look at it.”

That is all. Nothing further has happened. Sorry, Coyotes fans. It’s back to the waiting game.