J.R. in the spotlight, where he always belonged

This, I think, is the place to be in the Valley this evening.

The Coyotes. The Blackhawks. Sold-out barn.

And Jeremy Roenick.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

First, a quick nod to the Chicago Blackhawks for their patience and for being out here for this ceremony tonight.

Kind of ironic when you think of it.

Tonight, as you look to the Coyotes Ring of Honor, you will see the name of the great Bobby Hull, “The Golden Jet,” whom you might recall left Chicago to help put Winnipeg on the global hockey map.

Years later, Jeremy Roenick would leave Chicago to help put Phoenix on that same map.

Both figures were, and still are, larger than life.

But for Jeremy Roenick, we can’t lose sight that he was the FIRST real “face” of the new Phoenix franchise.

And he wore it well.

If there was a baby to kiss, he kissed it. A ribbon to cut, he cut it. An autograph to sign, he signed it.

A Sunday night local sports TV show? He was on it, always promoting this sport, this franchise, this city.

He was as recognizable as ANY athlete, ever, in Phoenix sports history, and he loved every minute of it … and the Coyotes were better for it.

That was Jeremy Roenick OFF the ice. ON the ice? Just check out the video above.