Jayhawks Notebook: Gill addresses the fans

By Aaron Cede�o
October 29, 2010�

The past few weeks have been a trying time for everyone involved with Kansas football � the coaches, players and fans.�

Head Coach Turner Gill is aware of this, and earlier this week opened his weekly press conference with a statement to the fans:�

“I want our fans to know that we’re going through some ups and downs in our football program here, and part of that is the transition with a new staff, and our players are getting to know us in a better way. I can tell you one thing, our staff is doing a pretty good job of getting our guys to know our system. You have to teach them our offensive system and our defensive system the way we want it to be done. Through that transition phase, it takes time for our guys to understand how we need to do it and why we need to do it the way we want it to be done.”�

“As we continue to build this football program, our fans are going to see speed, they’re going to see athleticism, they’re also going to see people playing with a great passion as we continue to build the program. We are very, very confident that we will come through here and have a winning program on a consistent basis, and that’s why we chose to come here.”�

The words are no doubt soothing to the ruffled feathers of Jayhawk Nation, who have been wondering recently just what, exactly, was going on in the Anderson Family Football Complex.��

This weekend’s road matchup with Iowa State is another chance for the team to prove to everyone � themselves included � that there’s still some life left in this team.�

“We don’t feel like we’re that far behind,” said junior defensive tackle Richard Johnson, Jr. “Those teams, they just executed their gameplan better than us. We feel like there were three or four plays throughout the course of the game that we beat ourselves. But we’ve got confidence in ourselves, so we’re ready to get some wins.”

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