Jablonski’s team authored the perfect story

I’ve got this great idea for a movie.

It’s about a charismatic high school kid named Jack and his buddies and how they all play hockey together on the same high school team.

One day, Jack suffers a serious injury in a game, an injury so serious it leaves him paralyzed. Doctors say he will not walk again.

People from around the world are touched by Jack’s story. He receives cards and letters and e-mails and NHL players visit him in the hospital.

Jack is convinced he will walk again, no matter what the doctors say. When people visit him in the hospital, they marvel at how upbeat and positive Jack is and how he’s the one cheering them up.

Jack’s teammates are inspired by his strength and determination and they play better than they ever have.

At the time of Jack’s injury, nobody thought much of his team’s chances of winning a state title. But his teammates start believing that anything can happen if you believe it can happen.

Jack’s team gets to the state tournament, beating teams it wasn’t supposed to beat.

His team goes all the way to the state championship game. With Jack in the stands watching from his wheelchair, his friends down on the ice don’t just win. They play a game for the ages, a game that will be remembered generations from now.

In the final moments of the game, students from Jack’s high school begin to chant, “We just saw a miracle.” You just know the students doing the chant believe Jack will walk again and be the next miracle.

It’s the perfect story.

Then again, maybe it’s too perfect and wouldn’t be such a great idea for a movie.

Who would believe it?