Indians clubhouse reactions to MLB suspensions

MLB announced the suspensions of multiple players involved in the Biogenesis PED scandal Monday afternoon. Here are reactions from the Cleveland Indians clubhouse on the suspensions and the appeal from Yankees superstar Alex Rodriguez.
Manager Tito Francona on suspensions: “I want people to treat our game with respect. I think the more you’re around the players, I think you realize how respectful the majority of the the players are in our game. We have a wonderful game.”

More Francona on suspensions: “I think Major League Baseball did something that was really difficult. Sometimes the right thing is difficult. Our game is played by humans. When there is a human element, there’s going to mistakes. We all make mistakes. Some are more severe than others. But the idea is to try to get it right, and we have really good people working to get it right.”
Francona on A-Rod’s career being tarnished: “I was actually with him in ‘02. Saw how hard he worked. Again, maybe I was naive. I don’t know. I really don’t know. I just don’ have a good answer. I’m sure people making decisions have information to make good decisions. I have enough confidence in them that I’m glad they’re making it and not me.”RP Cody Allen on suspensions (not specifically on A-Rod): “I wouldn’t say angry. I’d say disappointed. Everybody knows now that the general consensus of things is if somebody has an abnormally good year, the first thing is everybody says you’re cheating. That’s not fair.”
DH Jason Giambi on suspensions: “Human begins are going to make mistakes. It shows that Major League Baseball is doing everything it can to go in the right direction. It’s an unfortunate thing. Its not something you want to keep going on. But you’re dealing with human beings and they’re going to keep making mistakes. The biggest thing is we’re going in the right direction and hopefully this is a start and hopefully it will keep getting better and better.”
OF Drew Stubbs on A-Rod: “I think it’s unfortunate for the game to have arguably one of the best players ever to have to kind of potentially exit from the game this way. But at the same time I think the sport is making great strides in cleaning itself up. It’s not my place to say whether I think it’s fair or not, because I think the people there handling it are a lot better versed than I am. … For the guys that are not taking anything and are doing it the right way, I think ultimately these are our peers and the guys that we are competing with. So an even, level playing field is going to make us happy.”
2B Jason Kipnis on A-Rod: “It’s a bad situation. I think it’s taken away from some of the good stories around the league this year in the game of baseball. You have a lot of teams playing good ball and a lot of players that are doing it the right way having good years. You’re looking at New York media at its finest. Things are bigger and dealt with nationally. I think it’s just a distraction. Personally, I try to change the channel if I see it.”