Huskers Camp Report: August 23

By Steve Ryan
August 23, 2010

The Huskers head into the second to last week before the season-opener against Western Kentucky. And the injury situation puts them down one definite starter in sophomore linebacker Sean Fisher. But they are also out some probable if not definite contributors in senior Mike Smith (OL), junior Anthony Blue (CB) and another senior in tight end Dreu Young.

The situation with Young is one that stems from a problem he had with his back two off-seasons ago when he underwent surgery. Head Coach Bo Pelini said after practice on Saturday that his rehab could take his absence to the midway point of the season if not longer.

The team conducted perhaps one of its last full scrimmages over the weekend as they participated in the scrimmage for approximately an hour. The week upcoming will be, according to Pelini, half and half, the first half of the week being more about camp and continuing evaluation and development, while the second half will be looking toward the beginning of the season and the opener against Western Kentucky.

There has been some speculation based on reports, some supported by players, some not