Honey Badger invites fans to first-round party

Tyrann Mathieu has spent the last three or four months trying to convince NFL teams he’s a changed man.
Thursday night, he’s inviting people to come to his post-first round draft party.
Not the smoothest of moves.

Now, all of these draft prospects are adults, and all of them are entitled to celebrate what’s unquestionably a huge moment in their lives — and one they’ve spent a lifetime working towards.
But there’s no guarantee Mathieu is going to be a first-round pick. And, for a guy that’s had to overcome all these issues and sell teams that his priorities in order, taking to Twitter the day before the draft starts and promoting this party won’t be well received in NFL draft rooms. 
When Mathieu gets picked, it’s time to go to work. Not to party. Especially since Mathieu isn’t yet 21. 
I wrote about his journey and his changes in January, and he struck me as genuine.
With that tweet and this party, he made a mistake. Now, he has to hope it doesn’t cost him.
– Zac Jackson