Hello … and welcome to the Fantasy Fox

Hello. My name is Jay Clemons, the newly crowned Lead Fantasy Writer for Fox Sports South.

For those familiar with my award-winning work with Sports Illustrated, National Football Post or Bleacher Report, it’ll be a smooth transition to FS South and the rigors of systematically attacking the baseball and/or football beats every day.

For those who don’t share that contempt of familiarity, no worries, for you’ll have plenty of time to develop a loathing of my candid, passionate and droll approach to fantasy analysis — before realizing the value in following a 30-something man-child who’s charmingly obsessed with sports, politics, Twitter, breakfast cereal, meaningless YouTube clips from the 1970s and ’80s and every great line that’s ever been uttered in an American sitcom.

My daily mission statement here includes five simple tasks:

1. Inform

2. Enlighten

3. Entertain

4. Be accessible

5. Do everything in my power to help your fantasy baseball or football teams contend for championships — or at the very least, compete for division titles and playoff berths.

It’s the minimum requirement for a customer base that craves information … and strategies for stealthily landing Rockies shortstop Josh Rutledge or Braves pitcher Mike Minor sometime after Round 13.

The first few weeks on the beat are all about establishing a template of expectations with the readers, old and new, while helping them prepare for the all-important baseball drafts in the next 20 days or so. It’s also about putting breaking-news items (injuries, trades, positional switches) into the proper fantasy context.

Obviously, I’ll have to balance the fantasy realm with my other real-world writing and TV obligations with Fox Sports South, but the formula of success — and pacing of creatively doling out beneficial fantasy bites — remains the same:

Preparation will never be an issue. You simply don’t meet a lot of people who happily forsake sleep for Baseball Reference page views at 4:30 a.m.

Speaking of which, I can now be reached, day or night, on Twitter at @FOX_JayClemons.