Report: Hazing scandal grips New York high school football program

A year after a hazing scandal shut down the Sayreville (N.J.) High School football program, it is being reported at another program in the Metropolitan New York area.

The Staten Island Advance is reporting that Susan Wagner High School is investigating multiple incidents that parents say occurred during a five-day training camp in upstate New York.

The paper reported that the varsity and junior varsity teams’ practices and games have been suspended.

According to the Advance:  

Speaking anonymously, one parent of a junior varsity player went into detail about what went on at Camp Pontiac in Copake, N.Y. after his son returned from camp with marker up and down his legs.

"They had a BB gun up there that they were attacking the kids and shooting at kids with. A lot of kids woke up with penises drawn on their faces, neck, head, arms, legs," the parent told "That’s outrageous, and with [permanent] magic markers. These kids were scrubbing the life out of their skin."

The parent also claimed that older players physically attacked their younger teammates with a broomstick and in the shower with a powder-filled sock.

At night, the hazing continued, the parent said.

"They were pulling their pants down and rubbing their butts in people’s faces while they were asleep," the parent added. "That’s so disgusting. And these are minors."

The complete Staten Island Advance story can be read here.