Grizz Insider: Gay not happy with his play

Lose by 40 points, as the Grizzlies did on Sunday at Chicago with the Bulls issuing a 104-64 beatdown, and there’s plenty of blame to be passed around.

But maybe the biggest reason for the loss is that despite the Grizzlies’ revamped roster, featuring five new faces who are suddenly contributors because of four players already hurt (one gone for the year), there’s a learning curve that the Grizzlies need to speed through.

Everybody is trying to figure out their roles, and that includes veteran forward Rudy Gay, who missed the last 41 games of the season (13 playoff games included) last year after undergoing shoulder surgery.

While Gay is averaging 13.2 points and 8.4 rebounds for the 1-3 Grizzlies as they prepare for Tuesday’s home game against the Kings, he has made just 23 of 69 field goals, including 1-of-6 three-pointers. In Sunday’s loss, he hit a mere 2 of 12 field goal attempts and finished with just 5 points and 3 rebounds.

“I’m trying to find myself,” said Gay, who’s 6-for-23 n his last two games and 15-for-47 in his last three games. “It’s not my shoulder. I’ve put in enough work and spent enough time with my shoulder to know nothing is wrong with it. It’s just me. I’m the problem.”