Gibson comes down with Bieber fever

PHOENIX — Kirk Gibson is the latest to join the Bieber bandwagon.

On Friday afternoon, the Diamondbacks manager said he, too, will add a $2,500 donation to the winning bid on the autographed Justin Bieber trading card that J.J. Putz pulled from a pack brought into the clubhouse in Texas last Tuesday by fellow reliever Brad Ziegler.

The proceeds from the auction are to be split between Ziegler’s Pastime for Patriots Foundation and teammate Craig Breslow’s Strike 3 Foundation. Putz, Ziegler, Breslow and the Diamondbacks Foundation already announced that they would match the winning bid up to $2,500.

The event has drawn so much interest that the bid Friday afternoon was $2,510. The auction closes July 2. If it closed today, the foundations would split $15,010.

“I think it’s awesome the life that it has taken on. It’s important to those guys. They both are very dedicated with their charities. So the least I can do is be on board with those guys and support their causes,” said Gibson, who has sold some of his memorabilia to raise money for his foundation in support of education.

“We are all trying to help people who are in need. We know we are fortunate every day to put the uniform. Come on. I’m sitting up here? It’s crazy. Going to go out on that field and compete tonight. I’m the luckiest guy in the world.

“I get it, and I understand there are some where it is not as seamless.”

Ziegler started the ball rolling when he tweeted a picture of a grinning Putz holding his Bieber card last Tuesday. He has gained 500 followers since, and he sent out a tweet to Bieber on Friday:

“Hey, @JustinBieber! We’re auctioning a card you autographed for charity…  Please RT?