Georgia soccer player accused of stealing food

A University of Georgia soccer player will need to find other dining options on campus after being charged with theft by shoplifting after she allegedly tried to steal an order of hash browns.

Carli Shultis, 19, was arrested Feb. 21 at the Bulldog Café in the Tate Center on campus after, police said, she attempted to conceal the hash browns in her pants before paying for her meal.

According to university police records obtained by the student newspaper, The Red & Black, a food services worker detained Shultis after watching her attempt to steal the potatoes. Shultis removed the hash browns from her pants and tried to return them to the food counter once she realized the food services worker saw her conceal them, the police report said.

The order of hash browns was valued at $1.06.

The Red & Black reported that Shultis received a one-year ban from all eateries on campus, excluding locations that offer the university meal plan.

The sophomore forward from Eagles Landing Christian School in McDonough, Ga., has five assists in 42 career games.