Game One Postgame Interviews



Posted: Oct. 7, 2010 9:35 a.m. CT

See Game 1 postgame video below, or read Patrick Donnelly’s recap here.


Gardenhire reacts to 6-4 loss to New York in Game 1

Twins manager Ron Gardenhire discusses the Twins’ missed opportunities at bat and Orlando Hudson’s base running in the disappointing Game 1 loss to the Yankees: “We took a lot of pitches, tying the ballgame up with a bases-loaded walk.  We just couldn’t come up with another one.  Then it happened a few more times as the game went along, and that’s what it’s all about.  They got a couple of big hits, and we missed our opportunities.”  To see the whole interview, click here.

Crain takes the loss

Hear from losing pitcher Jesse Crain on what went wrong in the Twins’ loss to the Yankees: “You go pitch seventy-something times a year, you know, it’s not going to work out every time. Unfortunately, it happened in that game.  It’s frustrating when you battle back to tie the game and then you give up two more runs right there… I missed two in a row.”  To see the whole interview, click here.

Kubel in the clubhouse

Jason Kubel reacts to the atmosphere for Game One at Target Field: “I was just trying to sit back and wait for something good to hit, and Danny had another good at bat after that, and you know, brought in the runs. So, it was pretty good.”  To see the whole interview, click here.

Valencia on playoff atmosphere

Danny Valencia comments on his first playoff game and the atmosphere inside Target Field: “I was able to get the walk to get the run in, but it obviously wasn’t enough. We came up short.”  To see the whole interview, click here.


Pavano Faces Former Team
Hear from tonight’s starter Carl Pavano on facing the Yankees and on his time in New York: “When I reflected on the games, as obviously I’ve done quite a few times, a lot of our losses were late in the game.  I mean, it was all late-inning heroics.” To see the whole interview, click here.