Future NFL rookies practice singing debuts

ATLANTA — Get ready, rook.

NFL rookies are certainly not immune from their share of embarrassing moments at their first team camp but, at least according to a few veterans, the singing portion comes first and foremost. 
While filming “The Panel,” a show pairing the likes of Tim Couch, Dorsey Levens, Takeo Spikes and Ovie Mughelli with up-and-coming college players waiting to hear their names called on draft day, the vets laid down the guidelines: Sing … sing now.
They complied.
North Carolina running back Gio Bernard chose “My Girl” by The Temptations. Cal receiver Keenan Allen (a good singer, by the way) took the song to another level. But when D.J. Swearinger, the physical safety from South Carolina, tries to follow suit, he eventually offers a rendition Otis Williams would never stand for.
Meanwhile, Florida State’s E.J. Manuel tried to start something for the panelists with Michael Jackson.
It was a commendable effort by the players, each of whom will now enter training camp with a song, lyrics and beat in mind. At the very least, despite the embarrassment, they’ll be prepared.
Start taking those vocal lessons seriously, D.J.