FOX says Time Warner, Padres may be bust

San Diego Union-Tribune

Fox Sports raised the possibility Monday that the Padres might not appear on Time Warner Cable at any time during the 2012 season.

The statement was made in reaction to recent rumors that an agreement between Fox Sports San Diego and Time Warner Cable was nearing.

“Despite what Time Warner is saying publicly, they are not negotiating with us to offer Fox Sports San Diego and the Padres to their customers,” read the statement forward by Fox Sports vice president of communications Chris Bellitti.

“In fact, (Fox Sports has) not heard from Time Warner in weeks regarding our latest proposal.

“The silence is deafening. Time Warner is making it clear they have no interest in carrying Fox Sports San Diego and Padres this year. Fox Sports has stepped up to the plate and made a long-term commitment to Padres baseball, while Time Warner remains on the bench.”

The statement did not rule out the possibility of an agreement being reached.

Fox Sports San Diego and Time Warner are in disagreement about the amount Fox is requesting for Time Warner to access and distribute the Padres signal. Time Warner has argued that the fee requested by Fox Sports represents a four-fold increase over what Cox Communications charged last year when it produced the Padres telecasts.

The impasse between Fox Sports and Time Warner Cable and ATT Uverse means 42 percent of the county’s television sets cannot access Padres games.

Padres games produced by Fox Sports San Diego are carried by Cox Cable and DirecTV.