Four-team CFB playoff a possibility in 2014

Although any decision about how the BCS championship playoff system may look in three years is a long way off, it appears a four-team playoff for the title is a possibility in 2014, according to

The commissioners from the 11 Division I conferences along with the Notre Dame athletic director, two BCS officials and a BCS lawyer met for several hours on Tuesday to consider options. They will continue their meetings Wednesday.

One thing that seems certain is that any playoff will not involve more than four teams.

“I would say obviously eight or 16 (team playoff formats) are not on the radar screen,” a source told

The four-team, plus-one format seems to be the one getting the most support. In that format, four teams would play in what would amount to semifinals, with the two winners playing in a title game.

Where and when the games would be played and a number of other logistical issues would have to be resolved before the committee could enact such a playoff system.

The current format expires after the 2013 season, and any changes would have to be approved by the NCAA.