Kobayashi released from jail after arrest

Takeru "The Tsunami" Kobayashi was released on his own recognizance Monday following his arrest after the iconic competitive eater — banned from Sunday’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest — tried to rush the stage.

"I went as a spectator to cheer on my buddies that I used to eat with," Kobayashi said after being released.

"Everyone in the crowd kept chanting ‘let him eat, let him eat’. So I jumped onto the stage to prove that I am still the champ, but I was arrested."

The six-time Nathan’s champ said police grabbed him from behind but he "let go" of the barricades as soon as he realized he had been arrested.

Kobayashi’s attorney, Mario D. Romano, claimed his client was urged onstage.

"A security guard from Nathan’s gestured for him to get onstage," Romano said. "The police grabbed him from behind, which startled him. I hope all the charges will be dropped."

"I am very hungry," Kobayashi said. "I wish there were hot dogs in jail."

The third-ranked world-wide eating machine was given a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and milk while in custody.

Kobayashi was charged with four counts including disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, obstruction of property and trespassing.

His case has been adjourned until August 5.

The winner of the Superbowl of Competitive Eating was Joey “Jaws” Chestnut, who scarfed down 54 franks in 10 minutes to take the title for the fourth consecutive year.

Kobayashi won the title six years in a row before he was upset by Chestnut in 2007.