Former Browns lineman Al “Bubba” Baker featured on ABC’s ‘Shark Tank’

Al “Bubba” Baker sure knows how to BBQ — and now his trademarked ‘D-Boned’ ribs are coming to a store near you. Oh, and did we mention he was one heck of a football player?

The former Cleveland Brown lineman pitched his successfully patented process to remove the bone from ribs, trademarked ‘D-Boned’, last night on ABC’s Shark Tank.

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Baker, who owns and runs ‘World Famous Bubba’s Bar-B-Q & Catering’ in Avon, has been selling his ‘D-Boned’ ribs in northeast Ohio grocery stores since 2006. He appeared on the show in hopes of taking ‘D-Boned’ ribs to the next level.

Baker was energetic, excited and convincing as he presented his patented boneless rib product and method that he said took 20 years in the making. The ‘Shark Tank’ panel was impressed, especially with his salesmanship, and two of the investors offered to back Baker’s product.

Baker accepted the offer from ‘shark’ Daymond John, who is the founder of the FUBU clothing line. John will invest $300,000 in Baker’s product in exchange for a 30 percent stake in Queen Ann Inc.,

the food company Baker started with his daughter, Brittani Bo Baker, and

an agreement to license his patented de-boning process to a major pork


“I’m very happy with the deal I got — and more happy with the lessons I’ve learned,” Baker told shortly after the show aired.

“it was the best deal for me,” Baker added. “My plan

has been to license

my product — and when I think about the layers it would take for me to

break through, into the meat business… some small guy with shallow

pockets, to buy into a place… at age 56, well, it would take so long

I’m afraid I wouldn’t live to see it


“I feel really good that the agreement I have, with

Daymond John, is going to take me and my family a long, long


After the show, Bubba’s Q De-Boned Baby Back Rib Steaks debut nationally and can be found online at