Fitz stumping for running mate

It’s not hard to find a mock draft or an opinion about whom the

Cardinals should target with the 13th pick in this year’s event; that’s

the glory of Google. But nobody publishing those thoughts has the pull

of Larry Fitzgerald, who apparently isn’t afraid to share his own

opinions on the matter.

Sports Illustrated’s Peter

King wrote in his

weekly column that, in his conversation with the

future Hall of Fame receiver, Fitzgerald indicated that he “wants fellow

Minnesotan Michael Floyd with that 13th pick. Badly


King offers no specifics and doesn’t expand on

that comment, but not much expansion is needed to get the point:

Fitzgerald wants a No. 2 receiver, something the Cardinals haven’t

really had since Anquan Boldin was traded to the Ravens after the 2009

season (although Steve Breaston had a respectable 2010 season before

signing with the Chiefs).

Floyd, a Notre Dame star

and physical specimen at just under 6-foot-3 and 220 pounds, is widely

regarded as not just a No. 2 receiver but possibly a franchise wideout,

as he’s nearly pulled even with Oklahoma State’s Justin Blackmon atop

various draft boards at receiver and is now considered a possible top-10


That said, there’s little debate — even from

Ken Whisenhunt — that the Cardinals have a major

need on the offensive line. In fact, King noted

that he’s hearing a lot about the Cards’ interest in Georgia

guard/tackle Cordy Glenn, and there are several other

first-round-caliber linemen who might be available at No.


Would any of those players have the same overall

impact on the team that a top-flight receiver would have? Hard to


Also hard to say is how much Fitzgerald’s

opinion matters — if at all — among GM Rod Graves and the other

decision makers in the Cardinals’ war room. Fitz’s reported private

workout with Kevin Kolb last year, held at Arizona State’s practice

facility prior to the Cards finalizing the Kolb trade with the Eagles,

is one data point in his favor.

None of it will

matter, of course, if Floyd is gone by the 13th pick, a definite

possibility given his rise since running a 4.47 40 at the combine. But

if Floyd’s on the board, all the fans hoping for a slightly sexier pick

than the best offensive lineman on the board will have the backing of

one rather prominent voice. It’ll be interesting to see if the Cards


– Matt Swartz