Fantasy: Smartphone-friendly cheat sheet

The Fantasy Fox blog has been busy churning out rankings, tier sheets and draft strategies over the last few weeks.

But until today, there wasn’t one specific document that covered a large chunk of baseball data … and one that could be absorbed during 10- 12-, 14- or 16-team drafts.

Here’s a smartphone-friendly listing of cheat-sheet links for baseball leagues:

Rankings: Slideshows

Top 20 Catchers
Top 35 First Basemen
Top 25 Second Basemen
Top 25 Shortstops
Top 30 Third Basemen
Top 40 Starting Pitchers
Top 40 Sleepers

Rankings: Lists

Top 120 Hitters Right Now
Top 120 Pitchers Right Now

In-Depth Videos

Top 5 Fantasy Hitters
Top 7 Fantasy Pitchers

Draft Strategies

5-Minute Guide To Faking Your Way Through A Draft
How To Ace Your Fantasy Draft, Part I
How To Ace Your Fantasy Draft, Part II
Meet The Avoidables: Pitchers 
Isolated Green Flags: Hitters
Isolated Red Flags: Hitters

Draft Tiers

First Base
Second Base
Third Base

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