Fantasy Fox: Updated QB rankings for Week 14

Here are my Week 14 quarterback rankings, 1 through 32, citing leagues that reward four points per touchdown pass.

This countdown doesn’t lean on a particular stat. It’s merely an educated early guess of which signal-callers will have the best combination of total yards (passing/rushing) and total touchdowns for the NFL’s 14th weekend.

Regardless of how these rankings shake out every week, it shouldn’t supersede two important factors that go into regular lineup consideration:

1. Always play your healthy superstars.
2. Always ride your gut instinct over a certain guru’s analysis.

Top 32 Quarterbacks

1. Peyton Manning vs. Tennessee
2. Matthew Stafford @ Philadelphia
3. Drew Brees vs. Carolina
4. Nick Foles vs. Detroit
5. Philip Rivers vs. N.Y. Giants
6. Ryan Fitzpatrick @ Denver
7. Andy Dalton vs. Indianapolis
8. Jay Cutler/Josh McCown vs. Dallas
9. Tom Brady vs. Cleveland
10. Alex Smith @ Washington
11. Cam Newton @ New Orleans
12. Tony Romo @ Chicago
13. Joe Flacco vs. Minnesota
14. Eli Manning @ San Diego
15. Colin Kaepernick vs. Seattle
16. Carson Palmer vs. St. Louis
17. Russell Wilson @ San Francisco
18. Ben Roethisberger vs. Miami
19. Matt Ryan @ Green Bay
20. Andrew Luck @ Cincinnati
21. Mike Glennon vs. Buffalo
22. Matt Flynn vs. Atlanta
23. EJ Manuel @ Tampa Bay
24. Robert Griffin III vs. Kansas City
25. Jason Campbell @ New England
26. Case Keenum @ Jacksonville
27. Ryan Tannehill @ Pittsburgh
28. Matthew McGloin @ N.Y. Jets
29. Matt Cassel @ Baltimore
30. Chad Henne vs. Houston
31. Kellen Clemens @ Arizona
32. Geno Smith vs. Oakland

Jay Clemons
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