Pamela Anderson finishes marathon

Earlier this year, Pamela Anderson made public her plans to run the New York City Marathon, an announcement that was met with sweeping criticism.

Then, just six weeks before the race, the former Baywatch babe told the New York Daily News that she hadn’t “attacked the running thing” and said she’s “never been a runner,” leading many to believe that her chances of actually finishing the grueling race were slim.

But on Sunday, Anderson took to the course alongside her brother Gerry, and sure enough, she finished the 26.2-mile course. What’s more? She did it in an unofficial time of 5:41:03, a pace of 13:02 per mile.

She didn’t beat out the other Pamela Anderson in the race, a South African who finished the course in 4:39:08, but kudos to Anderson for setting a goal, accomplishing it and raising almost $76,000 for Haiti in the process.

It looks like it took a lot out of her, however.