End of the Sizemore era approaching?

Anyone in the market for an expensive but frequently injured outfielder is in luck, as Cleveland Indians CF Grady Sizemore is now eligible for free agency. Joining Sizemore is defensive whiz (but light-hitting) first baseman Casey Kotchman. 

MLB players can declare for free agency as soon as the World Series concludes, and both players appear to be looking at their options. Sizemore spent the season, and $5 million of the Indians money, rehabbing from surgery on a herniated disc in his back as well as knee troubles. Kotchman, meanwhile, hit a paltry .229 with 12 home runs and 55 RBI. Not exactly “big stick” production at a “big stick” position. 
The Indians have until tomorrow to determine if they will pick up the options on Travis Hafner and Roberto (“Fausto Carmona”) Hernandez. Current expectations are that the Indians will pass on both. 
— Barry