DWhit110 gets Comment of the Day

There were a lot of great comments made on Pat McManamon’s article on the poor state of Browns-media relations. We could probably pick out a half-dozen as our Comment of the Day, but we’re going with DWhit110’s defense of the importance of media relations. 

I know a lot of people dimiss these media process stories, but I agree that this is a problem, maybe not a major critical problem, but something that’s dumb and should be easy enough to fix. It could only help the Browns perception and their relationships with fans if they figured out how to better leverage the media.

For instance, look at the bumbling of the Chip Kelly discussions. Who even knows if he was a major target for Haslam/Banner, but the Browns shroud everything in secrecy so the media is left to put a stopwatch on the amount of time spent at dinner and report that to the fans.

It’s surprising to me that Klosterman, one of the more senior, highly regarded guys at Grantland was given this much of a run-around when it’s well documented that Lombardi and Scheiner are close with Bill Simmons (who of course runs Grantland). You’d think they were bringing in Klosterman as one of “their guys” or someone who they felt really comfortable about trusting. I guess not.

Great take, DWhit110. We hope to see more from you in our comment threads in the future!