Due North Outdoors – A Fisherman’s Update

Posted: July 8, 2010, 2:12 p.m. CT

Due North Outdoors with Bill Sherck

Sorry for the delay getting a new update online. Truth be told, I’ve been on the road four weeks now. The good news?  I’ve spent much of that time fishing and shooting fishing stories. My run started with the annual trip to Kabeelo Lodge up in Canada with Dad. This year, along with the Zielinskis, my brother-in-law and cousin came along for the adventure. Our trip started with a bang, so to speak.

We blew a trailer tire just north of Brainerd. What a way to start a fishing trip. Once we had the flat taken care of, we proceeded north all the way to Kabeelo. Next morning, we flew out to a quiet cabin on Perrigo Lake where we caught stringers of fat walleyes and even a few big pike.

1.jpg   2.jpg

I nabbed this monster our last night on the lake right out in front of our cabin. He came on a topwater and swam away with quite the chagrined look after posing with me for a few pictures at the dock.

4.jpg  5.jpg

Last week, we kicked off a new relationship with the good folks at Rapid Marine.  Here’s a peek at the 2010 Due North Outdoors Lund. A beautiful boat with all the bells and whistles! (Be sure to stop in and see Garett Solberg if you’d like to check out the boat.)

Garett, was also nice enough to let us use another Rapid Marine Lund for quite a cool shoot up along Lake Superior’s North Shore

6.jpg  7.jpg

We actually took the boat in to a remote walleye lake behind a Polaris Ranger. Although the ride from the gravel back to the lake was only three miles, we spent hours on the gnarly and tight trail cutting dead branches and clearing downed trees. Talk about a tight trail!  

8.jpg  9.jpg

The good news? We found a gin-clear and quiet wilderness lake and, sure enough, the walleyes were biting.

Most of the fish came on jigs and minnows in about eight feet of water. At sunset, we had quite a moment. We moved to shallow water and watched a giant hex hatch. Walleyes were coming up and sipping the two inch bugs off the surface. I ended up cacthing several fish feeding on hex flies in 2 1/2 feet of water. Talk about awesome….


This week, we shot fishing stories in both Grand Rapids and Crosby areas. We started with Hall of Fame angler Tom Neustrom up on Big Winnie. Boy that guys knows how to catch walleyes!  Later in the week we also fished with Hank Ebert, one of the Brainerd Lake‘s most storied guides. Hank’s a bass fishin’ machine!

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I got in on a bit of the action too! Watch for these stories and others coming up on Due North Outdoors!