Dreaming big things

By Joel Goldberg
July 8, 2010

It was 3 a.m. somewhere up in the friendly skies early Thursday morning.� No, make that 5 a.m. with the time change upcoming as the Royals charter closed in on Chicago.� Had I just awoken from what must have been a dream?� Something about a broom in Seattle, a series win in Anaheim and a manager believing this Kansas City team can win the division.� Did that all really just happen?

Not sure if anyone around the country has noticed, but I know Royals fans are enjoying this run.� Series wins against playoff contending teams like the Cardinals, White Sox and Angels and a sweep against the struggling Mariners.� They beat Stephen Strasburg and outlasted Felix Hernandez.� Kept Royals killer Albert Pujols in check for once and limited Ichiro Suzuki, who historically crushes Kansas City even more than Pujols.� They rode the back of journeyman pitcher Bruce Chen, who began the year in the minor leagues but took a perfect game into the seventh inning against the Angels, and they relied on the bat of journeyman Wilson Betemit, who also began the season in Omaha.� Betemit provided all three of the team’s RBIs Tuesday night, and had me laughing prior to his appearance on the �Boulevard Royals Live� post-game show.� Before starting, he said in a baritone voice deeper than mine, �Good to see you again,� as if these star the game interviews were some kind of regular occurrence.� In fact, it was Betemit�s third appearance as my guest in just ten starts for the Royals.�� �

Where will this team go?� I don�t know, but as the future reinforcements continue to shine in the minor leagues, this current group in the majors is making baseball fun.�� I know it can�t be a dream, because I just woke up in my hotel room in Chicago after sleeping all morning with plenty of messages on Twitter, Facebook and email.� Enjoy the excitement Royals fans. �