Dan Patrick interviews Bruce Hooley regarding Tressel’s Problems

Excerpts from the Wednesday, March 30, 2011 Dan Patrick show. Watch Dan Patrick Monday through Friday from 9AM–Noon on FOXSportsOhio!

Bruce Hooley (FOXSportsOhio.com writer)

Has Jim Delaney said anything about the Ohio State situation?

“Yeah, interestingly enough he’s said he’s going to do nothing. He’s going to wait for the NCAA to rule. At Ohio State, nobody is closer to the players other than the parents than Jim Tressel.”

Is there a chance these players are punished even further?

“Yeah, I wrote about that today on FoxSportsOhio.com after talking to two attorneys who specialize in NCAA matters. Ohio State in December did what it called at the time a comprehensive ten–day investigation — basically gave all the information to the NCAA reinstatement committee and ruled on the players eligibility, suspended them for five games in 2011 but let them play in the Sugar Bowl. Now if the NCAA comes in and does their own investigation and discovers more, discovers worse things than Ohio State recorded, that can certainly be readdressed by the NCAA.”

I think they’re going to lose this past season, Bruce.

“Yeah, I agree with that. I don’t see how the NCAA can let that stand. Not only did they have six guys play this past season but now we know since the NCAA made that ruling, we know not only did the players do this stuff that made them ineligible we know that the Coach had every reason to know it at the time and still put them on that field, didn’t contact the NCAA, didn’t contact the school. I think that adds a troubling twist to it for Ohio State. I too Dan would be surprised if they kept the 2010 season accomplishments.”

Andrea Kremer (HBO Real Sports reporter)

How did you get the Auburn players to sit down and spill their guts?

“Reached out to a lot of different people and wanted to see who was willing to come and share their story. You know, you’re always on the pulse of what’s going on. This is all people talk about now, should athletes get paid, do they get paid? What I liked about this story is you always hear and everybody always assumes it happens but how does it happen? I want to hear some anecdotes, I want to hear some people that have actually been through it and I think that’s what we tried to provide in this story tonight.”

What’s the statue of limitations here? Can the NCAA investigate? Will they?

“Does the NCAA really want to know? Do they really want to look into it and I think that also speaks to the statute question. These guys have been out of school enough time but if there is a continuation and if there’s a pattern that’s established here do they have to look into it? I don’t know. Do you think Dan, they really want to know?”