Comment of the Day goes to Keith B McGlothin

Saturday’s Cavaliers-Pacers matchup didn’t turn out quite how we expected (The Cavs lost 89-74 and the offense struggled mightily).

But we’ve got to give credit to ‘Keith B McGlothin’ who pretty much hit the nail on the head with his Cavs comment on Sam Amico’s game preview. To summarize:

Difficult matchup for the Cavs with this lineup, Stephenson, West, and George are all scorers from their respective positions on the floor, and Hibbert is physically overpowering.

Cavaliers would have the clear advantage with their 2nd unit, led by Jack and Miles. Varejao and Waiters would clearly benefit with this duo. Cavaliers have not been very efficient shooting the ball from their starting backcourt of Irving (11-33 FG and 0-5 3P) and Waiters (6-17 FG and 1-4 3P) 17-50 FG .340 FG% Where Irving has improved, and most impressed is with AST/TO ratio 16/5 and he also has 11 REB. He’s also really gotten after it on the defensive end.

Of course we left out the part where Keith predicted that Kyrie Irving would break out of his shooting slump (Irving was just 6-of-17 from the floor) and chalk it up to much-appreciated optimism.

Thank you for the fantastic comment (with supporting statistics!), Keith. We appreciate your long-windedness and suggest you join Sam Amico for his next weekly chat (Wednesday at noon)!