Comment of the day comes from the nameless ‘122156’

Saturday, November 30 will go down as one of the craziest, most memorable days in college football history.

One of the many highlights of the madness was the fight that broke out on the field during the Ohio State-Michigan game. Three players were ejected, including Ohio State starters Marcus Hall and Dontre Wilson, while Michigan lost backup linebacker Royce Jenkins-Stone.

Many of our readers vented their frustrations on the ejections and further consequences that Hall and Wilson might face, including the nameless ‘122156’ who gives us today’s Comment of the Day:

It would be okay if it was consistent. Johnny Football

will play in the

bowl game even though he was an underage drinker. And Winston. Let’s not

get started on that one. No problem, though. Hall’s backup came right

in and didn’t miss a beat. They’re a very deep team. Go


Great point, ‘122156’. The NCAA might be full of inconsistencies, but Buckeye fans are not! Always finding the silver lining… Thanks for the comment!