“Comment of the Day” comes from Rmc-Lee Simmons

Earlier this week Sam Amico put forth the idea the New York Knicks would be better off without star forward Carmelo Anthony.

Sam’s suggestion the struggling team send away the NBA’s second-leading scorer prompted a lot of discussion, including our comment of the day from Rmc-Lee Simmons.

At first glance, dumping a player who can fill a scoresheet like Anthony might seem counterproductive, but Rnc-Lee Simmons notes a reason it could make sense:

LeBron’s legacy is “the decision”. It taught teams that you better trade stars reluctant to sign contracts while you can or wind up with nothing. Thats what the Nuggets did with Melo, and thats what NY better do. Between Denver and NY, Melo has a Gazzilion dollars but no rings…..he will be looking to ink with the Heat next summer barring a trade.