Collmenter makes perhaps catch of the year

The 2-1 putout isn’t a common one in baseball; most of the ones that do occur are on wild pitches/passed balls that result in the pitcher covering the plate. So how does a pitcher record a 2-1 putout on a ball that never touches the ground?

Diamondbacks reliever Josh Collmenter did just that in Sunday’s game against Miami — with an assist (literally) from catcher Miguel Montero following a phenomenal effort on a bunt by the Marlins’ Adeinny Hechavarria. After Montero dove and popped the ball up into the air just before it hit the ground, Collmenter tried to barehand it, juggled it — while leaping over the sliding Montero — and then pulled it in with his bare hand on the second try.

Check it out:

A candidate for catch of the year, no question — and it might be the only tag-team submission.