City of Mankato makes cringeworthy ode to Vikings

It’s about that time again. Cool breezes blowing away the summer heat, kids going back to school, and football, glorious football.
Unfortunately, the rise of social media has paved a very dangerous path to mar this brilliant time of the year: The unofficial, and sometimes official, team songs that pop up almost daily paying tribute to a team or school and range from cringeworthy to poke your eyes and ears out. 
Without a doubt, Mankato’s ode to the Vikings is closer to the latter. 
For starters the song they are covering isn’t very well known, or good for that matter. The idea is to cover a song that’s both catchy and popular. Lee Brice’s “Parking Lot Party” hasn’t had a video crack 400,000 YouTube hits. There are videos of parking lots with more popularity.
The lyrics won’t be going in any hall of fame any time soon, either. “The team is going to be winning this year/Yea they’re doing pretty good.”  Or how about “Cuz there ain’t no city like this city/and there ain’t no team as good as we are.” 
Putting that aside, using regular people to sing may add to the charm factor, but it hurts the chances of having anyone make it the full 3:13 (unless you want to see a guest spot by a crooning, off-key Leslie Frazier). You almost feel bad for them.
Mankato may be very proud to be the host of Vikings training camp for the last 50 years, but next time, make a sign like everybody else.