Chudzinski used to eat some dog biscuits in his day

Rob Chudzinski may have a lot left to prove as an NFL head coach, but he’s got little to prove as a Browns stalwart. 
Yesterday on NBC’s ProFootballTalk Chudzinski admitted to eating dog biscuits during his time as a Browns fan.
Things can get kind of crazy in the “Dawg Pound”, but eating actual dog biscuits shows… well… dedication. 
Chudzinski has admitted to previously admitted to watching Browns games while sitting outside in the snow as a youth to simulate the frigid environment of Cleveland’s creaky old Municipal Stadium. 
At this point, Browns fans have to wonder what revelation from Chudzinski’s obviously dark past will be the next to surface. Did he, at one time, own a Fair Hooker jersey? Did he run headlong into throngs of taller, older kids to emulate Dino Hall? 
Browns fans have plenty of questions heading into this 2013 season, but one has been answered: the new head coach, clearly, is one of them. And that’s not a bad thing.