Cavs considering draft day deals?

Like a lot of teams, the Cavaliers may be looking to buy a pick later

in the first round in next month’s NBA draft. That’s the scuttlebutt

out of Chicago, where the combine of top prospects is taking place this


The Cavs already own the first and fourth overall selections, as well as two second-rounders (Nos. 32 and 54).


to multiple sources, teams feel they can nab a player who could offer

immediate help in the 25 to 30 range. The name being thrown around most

as that type of player — and the type of player the Cavs certainly could

use —is that of Providence shooting guard Marshon Brooks.


Brooks seemed to be a big secret until about a week ago — despite the

fact he is 6-foot-5 and was second in the nation in scoring (24.6 ppg)

behind Brigham Young’s Jimmer Fredette.

Brooks scored 52 against

Notre Dame and 43 against Georgetown, and one scout says he could make a

quick impact in the right spot. That might include the Cavs.


a pure basketball standpoint, you have to like what you see,” the scout

said. “Brooks knows how to score and can create his own shot. I think

he could go to Cleveland and start at shooting guard from Day 1.”


a senior, also impressed in his first workout at the pre-draft camp. So

there is a chance he could move up to the 15 to 20 range come draft


Don’t count on Gay

Any talk about the Cavs possibly

acquiring Memphis forward Rudy Gay is really nothing more than a media

creation, according to those in the know.

“Ain’t happening; not for the Cavs,” one scout said.


is an athletic small forward and arguably the Grizzlies’ best player.

But he missed the team’s surprising playoff run with a shoulder injury,

fueling speculation that perhaps the Grizzlies will deal him. For what,

who knows?

But Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley said last week Gay

isn’t going anywhere. And in the event Heisley is wrong, there will be

29 other teams clamoring for him.

“I hesitate to say the Cavs were

going through a rebuilding phase — it was more of a transition phase,”

the scout said. “So you don’t necessarily want to unload everyone and

play with a bunch of rookies and new guys.”

He added: “What could the Cavs send to Memphis (for Gay)? The Grizzlies won’t be giving him up for a trade exception.”

Don’t count on No. 2

A national report stating that the Cavs were close to obtaining the No. 2 pick is false, according to sources.

The pick, which belongs to Minnesota, “is on the block, but the Cavs aren’t getting it,” said one NBA source.


the chatter says Minnesota and Indiana are in the early stages of

discussing a deal that supposedly involves Pacers forward Danny Granger,

Wolves forward Michael Beasley and unsigned Spanish guard Ricky Rubio.

If it were to go any further, sources say, other names would be


Also, while Wolves general manager David Kahn has

pursued Granger before, it’s hard to imagine Kahn giving up on Rubio

right away, Minneapolis Star-Tribune reporter Jerry Zgoda said on


But Zgoda did back up the idea that the Wolves “want to trade that pick.”

Quick Dribbles

* Ohio State guard Jon Diebler landed in Chicago after a few other

prospects dropped out with injuries (Boston College guard Reggie Jackson

being the most notable). “Some team might fall in love with Diebler

from a shooting standpoint, but I don’t know if that’s all you want on

your résumé,” one scout said. “What else can he do? Still, he could go

undrafted but make a team.”

* One member of the Cavs’ front office

had been building up Georgia Tech guard Iman Shumpert during the

college basketball season, and unfortunately for the Cavs, the word is

out. Shumpert impressed in his first workout in Chicago and is

considered a solid second-round pick — perhaps even early second round.

But that’s OK, considering the Cavs have the second pick in that round

(No. 32 overall).

* Projected No. 1 overall pick Kyrie Irving said

his toe is fine and there is “no particular reason” for his decision to

skip the on-court drills in Chicago. Irving is wearing a protective

shank on the toe he injured while at Duke, an injury that limited him to

11 games. “It’s not a hindrance at all,” he said. “It’s just a