Cavaliers-Clippers postgame quotes

Here is what they said after the Cavaliers’ 88-82 win over the Clippers on Saturday night:

“I thought it was a good physical game. I thought our guys brought their hard hats tonight. We responded the way we were supposed to defensively from the outset. That’s a good Clippers team averaging well over 100 points, shooting the ball very well. Obviously they got some looks that they probably normally knock down, but I thought our guys tried to play the game the right way. They went out there understanding our game plan. They were really disciplined about it and they never gave up. If a guy was open, we kept flying around and even contested shots late. To have the outcome of the game with the Clippers shooting 32 percent, scoring 82 points and getting 45 rebounds is a good team effort.”

– Cavs coach Mike Brown’s opening statement

“I can point to a lot of guys stepping up tonight and I thought Tristan with his double-double, 13 (rebounds) and 20 (points), was huge. (Andrew) Bynum gave us a great 24 minutes. Kyrie gave us a great 40 minutes. When you talk about Dion Waiters, Jarrett Jack, Anderson Varejao, Tristan Thompson — their rebounding numbers were off the charts. When we lock in and eat the glass up the way that we ate it up tonight, we’re a tough team to beat. Sixty rebounds on a Clippers team that has some pretty good bigs that are long and athletic is a good night for us.”

– Brown on the Cavs receiving multiple efforts

“I thought Anderson was tremendous for us. I thought he brought a physical presence to the table the entire time he was on the floor. He helped set the tone for us defensively. You like that about him. He can impact the game without scoring. I thought he was really big for us tonight.”

– Brown on Anderson Varejao

“I thought there were two plays during the game that were huge for us. One, Zo (Alonzo Gee) gave multiple efforts defensively and ended up coming up with a loose ball that I thought was on its way out of bounds. He got it, we were able to push it and turn that loose ball into points. Dion (Waiters) was 1-10 from the field tonight but he probably had the biggest play of the game coming up with the offensive rebound on the free throw to give us an extra possession and add more points in a tight ball game down the stretch. With him keeping his mind into the game and keep trying to figure out different ways to help our team win is a positive. So it was a good win for us tonight.”

– Brown on the game’s biggest plays

“Looking back at the Atlanta game, we have to be disappointed in ourselves, but we came here and competed at home. It started with me just coming out and getting minutes and just competing. Everybody followed suit and everybody played their role tonight and we got it done.”

– Kyrie Irving on getting the bounce-back win

“Well Coach Brown likes any game that features any defense; anybody that’s out there competing and that’s what we want to do for him. I think that’s what we did tonight. It was just a good test for us; they made their runs and we made our runs.”

– Irving on if it was Brown’s kind of game

“When it’s bedtime; when it’s time to go to sleep, but on the court, no. My belief is when you come to the games, you have to punch in the clock and you’ve got to play hard. One of my biggest strengths is playing hard on both ends, so I can’t take nights off because if I do that, it puts our team at a disadvantage.”

– Tristan Thompson on getting tired

“On the road you have to come out from the jump and be ready to play. When you play on the road, you have to be ten points better than the team that night to win by just one. There are just so many factors that play into their hands and their environment, so you have to throw some punches at them if you can. You can’t take a step back and wait to be hit.”

– Thompson on taking these efforts on the road

“I thought the whole game we looked (out of sorts). I thought we did a lot of pouting today in the game, personally, and you can’t play that way. You have to keep playing. I thought we had a lot of what I call ‘emotional hijacks’ going on today and that happens, but, you have to be able to pull yourself out of it either individually or as a group and I didn’t think we did a good job of that. Then we missed shots and I thought that got us down. When we become a good team and if we become a good team, it’ll be because we missed 30 shots in a row and you wouldn’t know it. You just keep playing. You get some bad calls on you and you just keep playing. Right now we are not at that point, maturity wise or whatever it is. When we go bad then we start thinking bad.”

– Clippers coach Doc Rivers

“We didn’t move the ball. Give them credit, I thought they trapped Chris (Paul) aggressively on all the pick-and-rolls, they showed pretty well. I didn’t think we handled that well, but they did a good job. Varejao, to me, was the biggest difference because both teams were pretty pathetic offensively and Varejao’s energy had 17 (rebounds) in however many minutes (23) — I don’t really need to say much more.”

– Rivers on the offense

“We’ve got to play ball. We’ve got to stay together — this road trip just started for us. We’re 1-2 right now and it’s not going to get any easier. We take one step forward and two steps back. It’s not coaching. First of all, we have to make shots — me specifically. It’s winning time, we have to find a way to win. I feel like I’m thinking too much, which I shouldn’t. We gotta fix it.”

– Clippers guard Chris Paul

“We can’t do it in one game. It takes game after game and we’re consistently inconsistent right now and that’s on me. It’s on me first and foremost and B (Blake Griffin) and DJ (DeAndre Jordan) as the leaders of the team, we can’t keep letting this happen – I can’t keep letting this happen.”

– Paul on the Clippers’ inconsistency

“We were pretty solid defensively but tonight I think everybody pretty much had shots, top to bottom. It’s tough to win like that, even when you play good defense if you just make a shot here or there and we all had opportunities but just didn’t get it done.”

– Clippers guard Jamal Crawford