Bucks’ Bogut ‘going crazy’ while sidelined

MILWAUKEE – Andrew Bogut has no problem admitting it; he’s going a little stir crazy these days.

The Milwaukee Bucks’ 7-foot center has been all but placed on house arrest in the three-plus weeks since he broke his ankle.

“I’m going crazy,” Bogut said this week while visiting the team’s practice facility for a mandatory NBA meeting. “I’m not really a big video game guy, and you can only watch so much TV. I don’t see why you want to stay home 15 hours a day.”

Bogut’s options are limited these days as doctors have advised him to lay low and let the ankle heal. That means no trips to the Cousins Center, the Bradley Center, no road trips … not even walking his dogs.

So how is Bogut spending his time? He gets daily treatment on the ankle and has to ice it a few times a day, but other than that there’s a lot of time on the couch for the 2005 No. 1 overall draft pick.

Bogut, though, is still staying connected to his teammates, exchanging text messages with them and following their exploits on television. It’s no substitute for actually being at the games and in the locker room, but it’s all he can do at this point.

“I try to keep in touch with the guys,” Bogut said.

It’s obvious that the Bucks miss Bogut on the court, where 6-foot-10 Drew Gooden has been filling in as the starting center, but his absence is felt in the locker room, too.

“He’s our captain,” veteran shooting guard Stephen Jackson said. “It’s hard not having him around, but we all know that it’s for the best. The doctors don’t want him moving around, and we don’t want him to do anything that could make it worse.”

Next week, Bogut and the Bucks will get a clearer picture on his recovery timetable, which was originally set at eight to 12 weeks. The outer end of that range would coincide with the end of the regular season. So with the swelling subsided, he’ll undergo another MRI and CT scan and send those images to several doctors to get opinions on what comes next.

“Everything is kind of relying on this next scan,” Bogut said. “I’ve got all my swelling out. It’s obviously still painful. I’m doing physio almost every other day, but I can’t leave the house because I don’t want to risk walking on it unless I really have to.

“Hopefully it’s non-surgical.”

Bogut is fully aware that this latest injury does little to shed the “”injury-prone” label that has followed him the last three seasons as he’s battled back and migraine issues and worked his way back from a freak elbow injury that made him less than effective last season.

But as he has in the past, Bogut, still only 27, dismisses the notion that he’s never going to be at full strength.

“The high-impact injuries, you can’t control,” he said. “No matter how much I do in the weight room in the offseason; I could put on 50 pounds and be the strongest man in the world, but if I land on someone’s foot when I’m that high off the ground, no matter what I’ve got taped on my ankle or braced, it’s not going to help.”

With that in mind, Bogut plans to come back as close to full strength as possible, provided the ankle heals properly and in time for him to contribute. Once cleared to run, he’ll need about a month to rehab and get back into game shape.

“My ultimate goal is hopefully to get back by the end of the season and playoffs if we make the playoffs,” he said.