Browns’ pass interference call

It was a play that seemingly decided the Browns’ fate on Sunday against the Patriots. With :41 seconds left the officials called pass interference on this play, and gave the Patriots first and goal on the 1-yard line.

Mike Pereira from FOX says the play made by Leon McFadden was not pass interference, and that he does not like the NFL rule on ball placement following such penalties.

There was some hand fighting going down the field, but it does not look like the contact impeded the wide receiver from a chance at making the catch.

But, in a game where the Browns had plenty of chances to seal up the victory, it is hard to point to this play alone as the reason for a loss. On the other hand, everyone hates to see the referees have such a dramatic impact on the outcome of a game.

So, we will leave it up to you, pass interference or no?

Also, all of you conspiracy theorists feel free to go crazy.