Bowden praised on his weekly call-in show

By BRENT KALLESTAD, Associated Press Writer

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Bobby Bowden had hoped to coach another year.

The Florida State coach said Thursday on his weekly call-in television show that he wanted to return for another season, but his retirement gives him and his wife Ann an opportunity to travel.

“It’s about time to get out and go see the world,” he said when asked about his future plans. “I hope to travel a lot.”

Bowden said he plans to leave Tallahassee and would not coach again.

“I’m too old,” the 80-year-old Bowden said. “Ann and I are just going to become spectators.”

Bowden said he didn’t want to hang around and be asked to comment on how his successor, Jimbo Fisher, was doing.

“I don’t think it’s right for people to stay here and have people asking me what do you think about this, or think about that,” Bowden said. “I’ll probably try to get away for a year and let this coach make this transition. I won’t have any connection for awhile.”

Bowden said he hopes to stay busy with speaking engagements.

Bowden said he was thankful for his long coaching career, highlighted by working with young men and meeting many families over nearly six decades on the sidelines.

In Bowden’s 34 seasons at Florida State, the Seminoles won 315 games, a dozen Atlantic Coast Conference titles, two national championships and were ranked in the top five in The Associated Press poll for 14 straight years.

His 388 career wins are second only to Penn State’s Joe Paterno among major college coaches.

Bowden, who announced his retirement Tuesday, said he’d be pulling for Florida State the rest of his life.

“Even though I won’t be coaching, I know these kids and know what they can do,” Bowden said. “I’ll be their biggest fan.”

Gene Deckerhoff, who hosts Bowden’s weekly Thursday call-in show, summed up the sentiments of many callers.

“Thursdays just won’t be the same,” said Deckerhoff, the longtime voice of the Seminoles.

Saturdays won’t either.