Bouncer who sued ex-Pittsburgh Steeler Okobi gets no damages

PITTSBURGH (AP) A bouncer who says he was punched by former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman Chukky Okobi has been awarded no damages by a jury.

Joseph Kania sued claiming Okobi punched him as Kania broke up a brawl at a bar on Pittsburgh’s South Side in 2012.

Okobi denied that but was criminally charged with five counts of simple assault. Four of the counts were dismissed by a district judge before Okobi pleaded guilty to a lesser count of harassment. Okobi was fined $100 and ordered to pay $2,600 for Kania’s medical bills.

An Allegheny County jury Thursday ruled Okobi didn’t owe Kania any civil damages.

Afterward, Okobi again denied hitting the bouncer. Okobi says if the bouncer is suffering he feels bad but it’s not because of him.

Kania’s attorney says the verdict speaks for itself.