Bobcats are in experiment mode

In a March and April where — let’s face it — the Bobcats have nothing tangible at stake, they’re in experiment mode. That means more games of lead assistant Stephen Silas running the team.

It’s no secret that coach Paul Silas would like his son to succeed him. In fact Paul Silas, 68, wouldn’t mind exchanging roles with Stephen, serving in the second chair after this season.

Something must be decided in the offseason, as Paul Silas’s contract expires. The front office is in favor of letting Stephen Silas coach some games, as both on-the-job training and an audition of sorts.

Stephen Silas coached against the Nets on Saturday night, the third time this season he has started out in the lead chair. He also filled in at Philadelphia and at home against the Magic when Paul Silas was ejected for arguing calls. He’s 2-3 in games he has coached at least for a half this season. The Bobcats were trashed 102-89 in New Jersey on Saturday.

The Bobcats play the Celtics on Monday.


-It’s no surprise that the Bobcats have the NBA’s worst point differential. Mildly more surprising is the distance between this awful team and everyone else. The Bobcats lose games by an average of 13 points. The second-worst team is the Wizards at just over eight points.

-The Bobcats have pretty much clinched the worst record in the NBA, but do keep this in mind: 12 of their remaining 20 games are at home, including games against the Timberwolves, Wizards, Pistons, Hornets and Kings. That should get them to at least 10 victories.


“When I’m in the second seat, he’s doing it and I don’t have the pressure on me. It’s 100 percent different. You feel for the guy, but it is in his hands.” — Paul Silas, to the Charlotte Observer, on nights when he turns the team over to his son, lead assistant Stephen Silas.