Runner OK after fall captured on film

Bill Iffrig, a 78-year-old competing in his third Boston Marathon, was 15 feet or so from the finishing apron Monday when the first of two explosions rocked the course.

The blast knocked the Lake Stevens, Wash., resident to the ground, and he was soon surrounded by police and race officials — a moment captured by Boston Globe photographer John Tlumacki in a now-famous image of the first terrifying moments of the attack.

"That’s probably one second after the explosion," Tlumacki said in an interview with Time. "He was blown over by the blast and fell on the ground. The cops are just reacting as cops."

But that picture didn’t capture what happened next.

A race official helped Iffrig to his feet, and after it was determined that Iffrig had suffered nothing more than a scratch on his knee, the pair walked the remaining 12 or so feet to the finish line.

"After you’ve run 26 miles, you’re not going to stop there," Iffrig told the Everett (Wash.) Herald.

Not much has stopped Iffrig from running. He has logged, by his own account, more than 46,000 miles en route to becoming one of the top runners in the country in his age group.

"Not many old guys are as fast as me," Iffrig said.

Not many as tough, either.