Bevell on the offense

Posted: August 9, 2010. 2:15 p.m ct

It was a hot one out there. But that’s a great thing for the players. It gave them an opportunity to fight through the heat and the main thing that they need to do is focus on their assignments, focus on what they were doing, and I think the guys did a nice job of that. They were sharp in their assignments and it shows that they had some mental toughness.

Q: Are you concerned with all the time that Percy Harvin is missing?
A: Percy is dealing with some personal issues. Just as any of those guys that we’re missing, obviously we’d like to have them, but we try to look at the positive side of it. There are a lot of young guys and some younger veterans even that are getting opportunities to show us what they can do. That’s what’s going to happen in a game. You’re only going to have so many guys. If one guy isn’t there, if you’re starter isn’t there, someone’s got to step up. We