Badgers like to shoot the three, eh?

Last season, the Wisconsin basketball team attempted 784 3-pointers. If that seems like a lot, it is probably because it is. As a comparison, opponents attempted 470 threes against the Badgers.
In fact, Wisconsin’s three-point attempts were the most of any Big Ten team and, according to, ranked the Badgers 13th overall in the nation.
Here’s one more perspective: 40% of Wisconsin’s shots last season were 3-pointers. 
And here’s one more: Wisconsin was 1-4 last season when it took at least half of its shots in a game from 3-point land. 
The only win? Presbyterian.
The losses? Michigan State, at Ohio State, Purdue and vs. Ole Miss.
Because of all the above, I kept a keen eye on what Wisconsin’s  shooting strategy would be in their Canada games. 
Only three of the five box scores are available (I couldn’t find a box from either of their games against A-Game Hoops) and the findings are somewhat positive, although one also does have to take into consideration the Badgers were playing with a deeper 3-point line than in college (22 feet, 1.75 inches compared to 20 feet, 9 inches).
vs. Carleton: 62 shots, 26 threes (41.9% of shots taken)
vs. Ottawa: 62 shots, 26 threes (41.9%)
vs. Ryerson: 70 shots, 25 threes (35.1%)
Total percentage of threes taken by Wisconsin – no surprise, 39.6%. Right on pace with last year.
The good news: At least in every game the Badgers didn’t shoot as many threes as they did twos. Now let’s see if that carries over into the 2013-14 season.

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