Austria’s Kraft wins windy World Cup ski jump in Poland

WISLA, Poland (AP) New Four Hills Tour champion Stefan Kraft won his third World Cup ski jump on Thursday, when winds were so strong that the second round was cancelled.

Kraft jumped 129.5 meters on the large hill for 136.7 points. Peter Prevc of Slovenia was second with a jump of 131.5 and score of 134.5.

Severin Freund of Germany, who won the ski flying event last weekend at the Kulm, was third, jumping 129.5 points to tally 131.1.

”A competition with two rounds is better than a competition with only one round, but the wind was quite strong and changed really fast,” Freund said.

Kraft said he wasn’t expecting only one round.

”I was a bit surprised that the second round was canceled because the first round was very safe and fair, but it ended well for me,” he said.

The result extended his great form: In the Four Hills, he surprised with results of 1st-6th-2nd-3rd, followed by a runner-up finish to Freund in ski flying last Saturday.

The circuit moves on to Zakopane on Friday.